August, 6th to 10th / Angeli di Rosora, Ancona, Italy

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Day Description
Saturday, 4th Departing from Stuttgart
Sunday, 5th Arrival at Angeli di Rosora
Monday, 6th – Wednesday, 8th Workshops
Thursday, 9th Coding Competition
Friday, 10th Coding Competition / Award & Pitches
Saturday, 11th Culture (land of values)
Sunday, 12th Returning to Stuttgart


Loccioni integrates ideas, people and technologies in developing automated measurement and quality control systems to improve the quality, the efficiency and the sustainability of products and processes.

The commitment is measuring to improve, thus helping all those who manufacture products or offer services to do it in the best way possible, thereby saving time, money and respecting the environment.


Clients and partners are world leaders in their markets, from Automotive to Home Appliances, from Environment and Energy to Health Care Technology, from Train & Transport to Aerospace and Agriculture.
Research & Development and an innovative mindset are the foundations of our work. Winning first place at the Bayer Grants4Tech Robotic Challenge and obtaining the Bosch Global Supplier Award in the Test Bench Equipment category in 2017 are some of the results of the creative and passionate work of our 450 collaborators. In Loccioni, people are the core value and thanks to their commitment we collect the highest technological challenges to give our little contribution to the wellbeing of people and planet.

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Loccioni encourages and practices learning across all generations. It is our aim to stimulate the interest and passion for innovation and technology early on. This is why every year we host more than 1000 pupils from ages 6 to 18 as well as University students at Loccioni who collaborate and interact for some time with our collaborators – to learn from each other and to grow together.

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Thanks to a Public-Private-Partnership with the municipality of Apiro, Loccioni is working on a project of Rural Innovation: the revitalization of Saint Clemente Valley. It includes the valorization of Saint Urbano Abbey, a beautiful Romanic church of the 11th century and the heart of the Valley. In this area, where Enrico Loccioni was born and owns some land, the idea is to create an Innovation Hub for the Agriculture of the Future. Data science, robotics interconnected systems and the Internet of Things combined with the concept of sustainability and the ancient traditions of the local agriculture shall represent a reference model for the development and enhancement of rural areas.
San Clemente Valley is going to be one of the first real examples of a circular economy, it will prove that it is possible to create balance between man and nature, tradition and innovation. The honey laboratory and the “sensorized” beehives, the energy of the sun, the automatic irrigation of olive trees, the prevention of wasting water and instead the collection of rain water are only a starting point.

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You will discover the “Land Of Values”, which is not only an acronym for the Loccioni agricultural holding LOV, but the valorization of Le Marche, a region that encloses the simple and modest values of the farming culture. Loccioni, whose origins are closely bound to this culture, collaborates with some partners of the territory in order to enhance the local suppliers and make the experience in this land a beautiful and unforgettable moment.
LOV means taking care of guests and customers, introducing them in a friendly and confidential family-life atmosphere, giving them the chance to savor the good and healthy food coming from this beautiful land.

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Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday

– Interaction with 3D-Objects
– Scene creation using Unity3D
– Working with Unity3D and HoloToolkit

– Overview of mobile operating systems
– Introduction to the integrated development environment Xcode
– iOS development with Swift
– UI development with the Interface Builder
– Deployment: from project to product

– What is UX?
– How to develop great ideas and concepts
– How to create UI prototypes
– How to validate your concepts

– Historical overview
– Java Crashcourse
– Introduction to Android Studio
– Android reference documentation
– Planning of an app / app project
– Specific configuration of Android

– Introduction to modern backend services
– Advantages and disadvantages of microservices
– Microservices vs. SOA
– Microservice architecture

– Introduction in IoT
– XDK-Hardware
– XDK-SW-Architecture
– XDK-Workbench
– XDK-Ecosystem
– FreeRTOS
– Wifi / BLE
– Sensor Technology

Course language: English


Thursday / Friday

Team Uno

Team Due

Team Tre

Team Quattro

Team Cinque

Team Sei

AWARD for the best team!
Every team has members of all workshop courses.
Presentation ceremony: Friday evening.


During your stay in the beautiful Marche region in Italy, you will discover exciting technology, study, and get to test your skills and creativity during a 2-days Coding Competition. But not only: you will also have the chance to discover the scenic beaches of the Mount Conero, enjoy the delicious regional Italian cuisine and participate in free time activities of your choice, for example a guided tour of the Frasassi Caves or a Wine Tasting in the hills.

Digital Farming
Digital Farming


Description Price
Workshop incl. lunches & coffee break 20,00€ per day
Expenses for overnight accommodation 35,00€ – 80,00€ per night
Travel expenses approx. 180,00€ (round-trip)
Common dinners (2x) approx. 25,00€ each
Cultural program Individually
Hotel / B&B Distance from Loccioni HQ Nr. Students Price
Saint Urbano Abbey Inn 10.9 km 17 B&B: Double Room 80€; Single Room 70€. HALF-BOARD: Double Room 55€; Single Room 85€
Casa Martelletto 12.1 km 10 80€ each room. 30€ each additional Single Bed
Villa Arsicci 12.1 km 6 2 Master Bedrooms = 80€ per bedroom; 4 Apartments = 90€ per apartment (1 student in 1 apartment BUT if 2 students in 1 apartment = the additional price is 20€)
Eremo dei Frati Bianchi 6.3 km 9 9 Master Bedrooms = 60€ per bedroom (BUT if 2 students in 1 Master Bedroom = 80€)
B&B Mulino Barchio 6.7 km 5 3 Master Bedrooms = 50€ per bedroom; 1 Double Room = 40€ per person
Vittoria Il Graditempo 7.5 km 2 50€ per bedroom
Cadabò 11.1 km 11 40€ per person
B&B La Girandola 3.1 km 3 1 Master Bedroom = 72€; the other 2 Master Bedrooms = 77€
La Distesa 5.3 km 4 35€ each night per person
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