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Many areas of modern life and work can and already have been improved using the possibilities of mobile devices and the systems connected to them.
However, we believe that there is much more to come. We assist you every step of the way from the first idea to the finished product.
If you have already started developing, we can jump in right where you need us!



Whether you are in need of your new corporate representation on the web, a promotional page, or an online app, appropos builds it for you. We believe in clean and intuitive designs offering smooth and recognizable user experiences based on your corporate identity or design wishes. We can streamline you web presence for mobile, perform search engine optimization and make your appearance responsive.

No Matter if your company has a household name or is a fresh startup, we build appropriate web pages to help you give a powerful first impression that lasts!

  • Static Web Pages
  • Content Management Systems
  • Web Applications
  • Workflow Automation
  • IT Solutions
  • Third-Party Integration
  • APIs
  • Scaling
  • Application Containerization
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From modern production facilities to smart homes, many things today are dependend on real-time data collection and evaluation.
This is realized using small computer units embedded into their environment, perceiving it with sensors and automatically sending this data to servers analyzing it.
We offer consulting and development services for your company expanding into the embedded world.

Bosch XDK Logo

The XDK by Bosch is a device designed for embedded device prototyping and use-case evalutation in IoT environments. It includes many high accuracy sensors and is suitable for apps surveilling it’s surroundings. It’s also highly connective and can be integrated into networks and communicate with servers.

Our Services

  • Application service

  • Project migration

  • Measurement and evaluation apps

  • Control algorithm solutions

  • Cloud integration & server interfaces

Raspberry Pi Logo

The Raspberry Pi is a fully functional computer running Linux that due to it’s size is great to integrate into your IoT environment. It can serve as server coordinating your network, collect data and organize it in databases. It’s also pretty cheap, making the Pi a fitting pick for development and testing purposes.

Our Services

  • Interfaces & databases

  • Industry 4.0 integration

  • Control & calculation algorithms

  • Application architecture

Arduino Logo

The Arduino is a highly customizable open source hardware platform. It’s cheap prize and large pool of available extensions make it a compelling system for embedded development. The large community also provides lots of code for common applications that can be adapted for your prototypes.

Our Services

  • Custom development

  • Hardware and extension selection

  • Software optimization

  • Application Architecture

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Virtual Reality is certain to be the next big thing. The technology can be applied to enhance and change our perception of the world, of the work we do, and of how we spend free time. Everything becomes not only imaginable, but visible: Immersive games, live conferences with participants being spread all over the globe, powerful data visualization. Imagine a surgeon using VR glasses to control a robot performing operations at the highest level of accuracy. A designer constructing her work not by sitting in front of Photoshop, but rather painting with an Oculus Rift on her nose.

We are super excited about the ways VR will change the world and are at the forefront of development.


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