We believe a company’s most important asset are its employees.
We want to share our knowledge with our clients to help them improve their projects and internal structures.
Our team has extensive skills and experience from teaching at university level and getting things done on an enterprise scale.


The most important thing for employee growth is development of new skills and new knowledge. We offer trainings to help your team overcome the challenges of digital change, for everyone: beginner or advanced. For more general information, specific courses, and pricing, please have a look at our appropos academy training service.

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We consult on everything software. Do you want assistance with your latest software development projects or with implementing agile development methods?
Our team is always up to date with state of the art industry processes including software project management.
We consult and support you introducing new tools and tactics for high-efficiency development.

Our Services

  • Establishment of project management toolchains, e.g. with JIRA or CI

  • Leading developer teams, subdividing your project into meaningful milestones

  • Coaching skills for teams and individuals, e.g. dual students

  • Support in the transition to agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban


We plan, integrate, optimize, and maintain your IT infrastructure
and also offer encrypted backup services on German servers. Also offering:

  • Firewall configuration

  • VPN configuration

  • Access configuration

  • NAS

  • Data management

  • Backups

  • IP telephones

  • Service integration


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