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We consult and train your people.


When an awesome idea emerges and begins to form, it is easy to set everything else aside and go down the rabbit hole. appropos helps you with keeping track of the bigger picture: We provide project supervision and quality control services, with knowledge and guidance to keep you on track when the sparks jump. Let us worry about the details and dive right into your project!


Sometimes, your customers may need assistance to fully understand your powerful product. We offer support from answering your tickets to reviewing and generating documentation. With our broad talent pool we quickly get a feeling for both the perspective needs of your customers and your approach to get your support system up and running in no time!


As we are most passionate about development itself, we love to share our skills with your staff, equipping them with all they need to know to implement and maintain your project. We organize workshops, webinars and compose guides, theoretical or hands-on to deliver the skills you need, scaleable from small groups to whole departments!

The appropos mentality

Mens agitat molem (The mind moves the matter) – Vergil.

We at appropos believe software to be more than just form and function. It is a symbiosis of high-performance code, a pleasing interface and intuitive integration into everyday life and work. Apps should capture your attention, amaze and inspire you to go beyond the ordinary.
Our process values ideas and solutions over hierarchy and convenience to ensure creative and new solutions. Understanding problems as opportunities for change and advancement opens exciting possibilities. We do not only see the issue, we contextualize it to understand the systems and institutions involved.
That is why we listen closely to the feedback our clients and customers provide: Only if you are happy with our services we consider the job well done.

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